Ding Qua Qua: affordable Chinese and Dimsum Buffet Restaurant in Cebu

It is been a long time since I’ve been to a good restaurant with an eat all you can buffet, and I’m excited for this would be my first time to try out Cebu’s famous Chinese restaurant, Ding Qua Qua, and their eat all you can buffet called  “The Great Dimsum Buffet”.

Fieldtrip Boy Vs the Dimsum Dragon

Joined once again by the dynamic duo Cille and Doi, we brave the busy streets of Cebu on a Saturday night just to have the experience of having an all out Chinese dinner at an affordable price.

 Cille and Doi


Upon arrival at the restaurant, we were informed that all tables were taken and we must wait in line for others to finish their dinner. Luckily for us, the line is not that long, and it only took us less than 30 minutes to be seated. To pass the time, I just watched as some yuppies and collectors trade their Magic the Gathering trading cards at a nearby store.


As we were about to take our dinner, I was surprised that not only do they serve dimsum in their buffet table, but other Chinese inspired delicacies as well like sweet and sour pork, lumpiang shanghai and others. You can find in the selection various pork, chicken, fish and vegetable dishes.

My First Plate in the Great Dimsum Buffet


I must say, all of their dishes are very tasty. My particular favorite is the pata tim and the beef stew. Both are very tender and very delicious. For the more health and diet conscious there are fish dishes as well and some veggies like mixed vegetables and a kangkong dish.

 Chinese Food at Ding Qua Qua Restaurant

There was no shortage of Dim sum in the Great Dimsum Buffet either. Waiters are always on the look out to refill empty bamboo steamers of their best selling siomai such as the shrimp dumpling, mushroom and quill egg siomai and the exotic chicken feet. Dim sum is best eaten with their other specialty the Steamed Rice, or rice with toppings.

My Dimsum Platter with Cebu Steamed Rice


They even have desserts in bite size goodness like the bochi and lomaichi. Try also their jelly dessert called Dalandan Chiller.


Lomaichi and Dalandan Chiller for Dessert


Overall the buffet dinner is great. The food was very good, I forgot how many siomai I consumed and how many times I stood up to refill my plate with shrimp siomai and my bowl of dalandan cooler. I ate too much food I didn’t ate breakfast and lunch the next day.

 Shrimp Siomai with Chili Sauce

Where is Ding Qua Qua located?

If you want to have the same Dim sum experience just head out to Ding Qua Qua restaurant located at the 2nd floor JY Square in Lahug, Cebu City.

What time is the Great Dimsum Buffet available?

The Great Dimsum Buffet is available from 11am to 2pm and resumes from 6pm to 9pm daily. The buffet would cost you 198 pesos, and you can also have bottomless drinks for 45 pesos.

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