Monito Monita: Christmas Gift Giving with a Twist

Christmas is just around the corner. You can smell it in the air. You can feel the cold breeze during the early morning. The streets are covered by children rapping some made up Christmas Hip Hop songs while asking for loose change. Even the radio stations keep playing classic Christmas carols non stop.

It is said the longest Christmas season is found in the Philippines. I have to agree, for Filipinos are big Christmas fans. Christmas preparations such as putting up the Christmas tree, lighting of the Christmas lights, and even making the Christmas shopping list starts when the first “Ber” months, September, starts. Christmas in thePhilippineslast until January, when we celebrate the Feast of the 3 Kings. In some rural areas, Christmas is celebrated not on December 25 but on January 6.

Christmas in the Philippines is full of traditions. Some Christmas traditions are very old and has religious importance such as Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi. Some are more modern or made for kids such as Monito Monita.

Colorful Christmas Gifts for Monito Monita

Monito Monita or Kris Kringle is a fun way to celebrate Christmas gift giving. I really don’t know where or when this unique Christmas tradition originated, but it is very popular in the Philippines and is also conducted in many Filipino communities around the world. In many countries like in the United States, Britain and Australia, Monito Monita is called “ Secret Santa“.

Monito Monita Mechanics : Rules of the Filipino Exchange Gifts

Conducting a Monito Monita for your Christmas party is easy; you just to follow these simple Monito Monita mechanics. This is just a template, please feel free to add some twist to add more spice to your Christmas gift giving celebration.

  • Form a group from your class, family, neighborhood or office
  • Write down your name in a small piece of paper and place it in a bowl or a box.
  • Take turns in picking a piece of paper from the box. Never reveal your “Monito” or “Monita” until the last day of your Christmas party. For those who picked their own name, you can return your name in the box and pick another one.
  • Decide on the schedule of your Monito Monita. You can make it on a daily basis, weekly basis or every other day.
  • For daily or weekly Monito Monita, gifts usually given are at around 5 pesos to 50 pesos.
  • The last Monito Monita is reserved for more expensive gifts, where in most students in can go as 100 pesos while in some offices in can range anywhere from 200 to 500 pesos.
  • Choose a weekly theme for your exchange gift. Themes makes your monito monita exciting.
  • Arrange where you would leave and pick up your Monito Monita gifts. The most logical suggestion is under your office’s or classroom’s Christmas Tree.

Monito Monita Themes and Something Somethings

Monito Monita Themes make the game more interesting. It challenges the creativity of the gift giver, plus he or she has to make do within the rules of the said budget. It also makes the receiver anxious. Here are some Monito Monita themes and gift ideas to help you out:

  • Monito Monita something Sticky: glue, paste, scotch tape, gummy bears, bubble gum
  • Monito Monita something Wet: alcogel, wet ones, hair gel, baby oil and cologne
  • Monito Monita something Sweet: Sugar flowers, candy, chocolate
  • Monito Monita something Sour: calamansi, vinegar, sour candy
  • Monito Monita something Colorful: crayons, Christmas lights, Christmas decors
  • Monito Monita something Useful: ball pen, pencil, notebook, mug, handkerchief
  • Monito Monita something Soft: marshmallows, cotton candy, cotton, tissue
  • Monito Monita something Long: Ruler, candy cane, licorice candy
  • Monito Monita something Funny: toys and puzzles, comic books
  • Monito Monita something Hard: Ball pen, mug, key chain, lighter, picture frame
  • Monito Monita something Red: lipstick, apples, red wine, small quezo de bola
  • Monito Monita something Round: Bubble gum balls, small quezo de bola
  • Monito Monita something Shiny: Chocolate gold coins, stainless spoon and fork
  • Monito Monita something Nice: stuffed toy, music CD, books
  • Monito Monita something Cute: Stuffed toys, Angry Birds toys

The last day of the Monito Monita is usually done during the Christmas party, where you will personally reveal yourself to your Monito or Monita by giving his/her gift personally. In most instances, people will sing the Monito Monita Song while they search the room for their designated Monito or Monita.

The last day of giving is reserved for more expensive gifts. Usually there are no themes involved here. You just have to follow the budget, and look for gift ideas that you think would be best for your Monito or Monita.

Here are some suggestions for your last Monito Monita or Christmas Party Exchange Gifts:

Parker pen with his name engraved on the body, USB flash drive, Neck tie for men, scarves for women, personalized mugs or bath towels, perfume, toys, organizer notebooks, Zippo cigarette lighters, Queso de Bola, albums of popular Christmas Carols, DVD of Christmas movies, popular books and novels

Note: Please do not give cash for your last Monito Monita or for your Company’s Exchange gift. If you don’t have time to buy a present, kindly approach your Monito or Monita and promise that you would give your gift at a later date.

Have fun with your Monito Monita. You can create your own Monito Monita themes or give the classic Monito Monita a twist for a change.

Fieldtrip Boy wishes you all the best this Christmas Season.

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