SM Mall of Asia’s Ice Skating Rink: Entrance Fees and other Rates

SM Mall of Asia or SM MOA is the largest mall in the Philippines. There are a lot of exciting things that people can experience and try that mall goers can’t find anywhere else in the country way even before the SM MOA EYE Giant Ferris Wheel opened December of 2011.

First is the first iMAX theater in the country where people get to see the latest movies in 3D and surround sound. Then there is the SM MOA Ice Skating Rink.

Being in a tropical country, ice skating is a novelty for most Filipinos. There are also just a few malls in the metro that has this facility, thus having a trip in one of them is a must for every kid and those who are kids at heart.

Cecille and I tried ice skating a few years back. It was her birthday then and we thought we will truly remember her special day by spending the day doing ice skating. Just to give you a hint, both of us haven’t tried ice skating before but decided to have it a go for we thought that learning it is just child’s play.

 Cecille on her first try inside the SM MOA Ice Skating Rink

During that time, the SM MOA Ice Skating Rink has an All Day Promo. We bought two tickets of the whole day pass and skipped the fee for the 15 minute instructor’s fee for we thought ice skating was easy.

After that, we headed out to the area where you can get your ski shoes. We’ve brought no other items so we also did not pay for the locker that can be used to store your bags, phones and other important items.

After putting on our skating shoes, Cecille and I went in the ice skating rink. The ice skating rink was a bit packed for it was a weekend in the month of December. Just a reminder, you should take with you socks, for the management would not allow you to wear the shoes without them.

Changing from Sandals to Ski Shoes


The first minutes of ice skating is very hard. We have to grab the railings just to keep us standing. Good thing an instructor was good hearted enough to teach us some ice skating basics for free. Some of the tips that he shared are:

  • Wear the right shoe size; if possible find a shoe that fits perfectly without any spaces.
  • Keep low and bend your knees if you want to stop from moving.
  • Keep your feet in a V formation.

We found out that his tips are very helpful. We were able to go to the middle of the ice rink and stay vertical without the help of the side railings…. Hooorrrrayyyy!!!

But it was not smooth sailing from then even if we’ve progressed from knowing nothing to learning the most basics of basics. I was not even spared of slipping and got my bottom kiss the ice. Ouch!! To add insult to injury, some kids noticed my fall and made fun of me.

After about an hour trying to keep standing and moving little from our positions, we decide to take a quick lunch and go back later, thanks our whole day pass ticket. During lunch, we traded stories about our exploits and joked about each other’s falls and slips. Then did we realized that ice skating is a bit hard and you need a lot of practice to truly learn the sport.

But the experience is fun. It is not everyday you get to skate on ice, so better treat yourself and your family for some bonding time and head out to SM MOA ice skating rink.

Here is the list of the latest Entrance Fees, opening time and other services of the SM MOA Ice Skating Rink.

  • SM MOA Ice Skating Rink Admission Fee is 390 pesos.
  • Locker rental for your bags, cell phones and others is 30 pesos.
  • Companion fees for your friends who don’t want to skate but want to take a closer view on how you fare or take your pictures is 100 pesos.
  • Assist programs from their expert instructors is 150 pesos
  • Sled ride for small kids and grand parents that can’t do ice skating is only 100 pesos.
  • Extreme gaming for ice hockey players is 100 pesos per game.

To make your ice skating experience more fun, a snow machine is placed on top of the SM Mall of Asia’s Ice Skating Rink that produces artificial snow every few minutes.

The SM MOA Ice Skating Rink is open daily usually from mall hours of 10 AM till 9 PM.


  1. Vince says

    Ah, now this is what I’m talking about. It might seem dumb for someone from Canada, where we live and breath hockey to visit a tropical country and go skating but when I started planning my Philippine trip one of the first things I did was look up skating rinks. lol

    Those skates are strange looking, do the shoes/boots detatch from the blade? I didn’t want to take up luggage space packing my skates but now I think I might. haha

    I wasn’t aware there was hockey, do you know if full hockey equipment is required? Bringing my skates along is one thing, my full gear is another.

    • titus says

      Hi vince, you can’ remove the blades from the boots. But if you really want to play some hockey in SM MOA, you can just bring your own skating shoes for your own comfort and just borrow some gear from some players here. And you don’t need to bring all your gear, for hockey is not played so physical in this parts.

  2. Vince says


    Well I wouldn’t expect it to be full contact, even here in Canada recreational hockey isn’t contact. But aside from just shooting around at outdoor rinks during the winter usually full or close to full equipment is required. You never know what can happen with errant pucks and sticks. I’ve actually hit myself in the face with a puck and that shouldn’t even be possible. lol

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