Top 10 Pasalubong Items and Souvenirs from Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is one of the best places in the Philippines to spend a vacation. It is blessed with white sand beaches, tasty cuisine and friendly people. It is also a place where you can buy lots of souvenirs and pasalubong at very affordable prices.

And when in Cebu, it is a must to buy souvenirs and pasalubong for your love ones back at home. There are a lot of affordable Pasalubong here in Cebu. You just have to avoid going to the malls and go directly at the source for the best and most affordable Cebu Souvenirs and Pasalubong items this part of the Philippines.

Here is Field Trip Boy’s must have Cebu Pasalubong and Souvenirs. Don’t leave the province without buying these great pasalubong items.

 Top 10 Cebu Pasalubong and Souvenirs

10) I love Cebu T Shirts

I LOve Cebu T Shirts 

Cebuanos are crazy about their “I  ♥Cebu”  themed shirts. You can find these shirts all around the metro. These shirts also come in all shapes and sizes. Most shirts come in white with red letters on them. These shirts sells at around 100 to 150 in most souvenirs shops while specialty shops like Island Souvenirs sell their versions at 400-500 pesos.

Best place to buy “I  ♥Cebu” shirts-  souvenir shops in Mactan Shrine and in Island Souvenirs shops in SM City Cebu and in Ayala Center Cebu. 

9) Cebu Chorizo

Cebu Chorizo is Cebu’s version of the langonisa. It looks like your typical longanisa but taste a bit different. For one, it is sweeter than your ordinary longanisa. It is has more meat and less fat. Chorizo de Cebu also does not contain many spices such as garlic or oregano making them one of the best Cebu pasalubong for kids.

You can buy freshly made Cebu Chorizo in Taboan Market and other popular wet markets in the city. 

8 ) Shamrock Otap

Otap is a sweet and flaky biscuit native to Cebu. It is one of my favorite Cebu pasalubong. It is a favorite snack especially during special occasions like Christmas, Fiestas and family gatherings, just like Broas to those living near Lucban, Quezon.

Shamrock Otap

Where to buy the best Otap?

Shamrock makes the best Otap. They have branches nearColonand in Fuente Osmena in Cebu. For those who want to do last minute Otap shopping, Shamrock has a store near Lapu-Lapu City Hall, just minutes away from the Mactan International Airport. Sugbu Otap is also a popular otab brand.

7) Dried Mango

Dried Mango is another yummy Cebu pasalubong. They are also a hit among foreign tourists particularly the Koreans and Japanese. Dried mangoes are chewy and sweet making them the best pasalubong for kids. They are affordable too. Many brands sell for 3 packs for 100 pesos while the more established brands and export quality dried mangoes sell for 50 pesos for a 100 gram pack. Popular dried mango brands are 7D dried mangoes and Philippine Brands and Guadalupe.

7D Dried Mango

Where to buy Dried mangoes?

This I think is an exception to the rule. I suggest you buy your Dried Mangoes, Mangorind candies, Mango Purees and the likes in the more established groceries and supermarkets. SM Supermarkets has a lot of selections of dried mangoes and mango related products. Most of the stalls in Taboan sells dried mangoes.

6) Bead Necklace, Bracelets and Pearl Earrings

Cebu made Bead Accessories

Fashion accessories made in Cebu makes one of the best yet affordable souvenirs. Bead necklaces sells from 10 pesos to 35 pesos a piece, while bead bracelets sells for 35 pesos. Even pearl earrings are affordable here in Cebu, where you can buy a pair for 30 pesos.

Where to buy bead necklace, bracelets and other beaded accessories?

Go to the Mactan Shrine, there are a lot of souvenirs shops selling bead necklaces and other accessories. Don’t forget to haggle. You can get extra stuff if you buy 10 pieces or more.

5) Key Chains and Ref Magnets

Want to buy cheap Cebu pasalubong and souvenirs? Then you should buy key chains and Ref Magnets made from Cebu. These key chains and Ref magnets are only 10 pesos a piece. They come in all shape and colors. Some stores even offers free name stamping on your key chains.

For the best and affordable key chain and ref magnets for souvenirs, just go to Mactan Shrine.

Ref Magnets

4) Cebu Guitars

 Cebu Guitars

A guitar store in Cebu says Mactan Guitars are “more than just a souvenir”, while another guitar store  says “Don’t leave Cebu without one”. Truly, Mactan guitars are the best guitars in the Philippines. Cebu has a rich history in guitar making. There is one barangay in Mactan, Brgy Abuno, where you can find lots of guitar factories and show rooms.

Most popular guitar makers in Cebu are Alegre Guitars, Inday Celia’s Guitars and the New Susing Guitars, all located in Barangay Abuno in Mactan. Guitar Master is located near the old bridge in Mactan Island.

Your typical Cebu guitar sells for 1200 pesos, while some of the best and highest quality guitars are sold for more than 50,000 pesos. For kids, you can buy ukulele for 40 pesos each.

3) Dried Dangit and Pusit

A trip in Cebu is not complete without buying dried pusit and dangggit in Taboan Market. These two made the list for they are very expensive if you will buy them at groceries back in Metro Manila. Here inn Cebu, danggit is usually sold at 600 pesos per kilo. You can also ask the sellers to pack them up in small plastic bags say 100 grams each, so that you can give pasalubong to more of your friends.

Where to buy the best Danggit and Dried Pusit- Taboan Market is the best place to buy danngit and other dried fishes. From Sm City Cebu, you just take a jeepney with a route code of 10K. Just tell the driver that you’ll be going to Taboan Market and he’ll drop you just a block away from you’re destination.

2) Lechon Cebu

 Lechon Cebu

Lechon Cebu

The best lechon are found in Cebu. Cebu Lechon are tasty and delicious. With secret ingredients and spices, Lechon Cebu can stand out of its own even without Mang Tomas all around sarsa.

There are a lot of Lechon stalls inCebu. The most popular Lechon house for pasalubong is CNT Lechon found at the back of SM City Cebu. There you can buy Lechon Cebu by the kilo. Some Lechon stalls even sell whole Lechon. Usual price of Cebu Lechon is 400-450 per kilo while an average sized Lechon is around 3500 pesos. Zubuchon, the so called “Best Pig Ever“, also has some restaurants scattered along Metro Cebu such as in 1 Mango Ave, and in Islands Souvenirs Hotel in Mactan Island just a few minutes away from the Mactan International Airport.

Best place to buy Cebu Lechon-       Cnt Lechon at the back of SM City Cebu

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1) Image of Sto Nino

Sto Nino or the Child Jesus is the Patron of Cebu. Every January, a festival called Sinulog, is held in respect and honor of the Child Jesus. You can see the image of the Sto Nino in the Sto Nino church or the Basilica del Minore del Sto Nino in down town Cebu. No tour or field trip in Cebu is complete without visiting this famous church.

An Image of Sto. Nino de Cebu

There are also a lot of stalls in the vicinity where you can get an image of the Sto. Nino that was already blessed inside the church.

So if you are planning for a trip here in Cebu, better save up a few more bucks so that you can take back home these wonderful Pasalubong items and share your Cebu experience to your friends and love ones that you’ve left behind.

Don’t be contented with just pictures of your Cebu vacation, buy Cebu souvenirs and pasalubong to get the complete Cebu vacation experience!!!

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